DecoderPro LogoDecoderPro is the DCC part of the JMRI (Java Model Railroading Interface) program.

JMRI was created by a group of model railroading enthusiasts with a lot of help from Debbie Ames at the Lenz Agency.

JMRI includes lots of other features, like PanelPro and SoundPro.

DecoderPro is Bruce's reason for being excited about it.

DecoderPro is "Cross Platform" Shareware  for Reading & Writing the CVs in Your Decoders

  • Try It -- You can check JMRI out by CLICKING HERE.

  • Easy To Use --JMRI is simply the BEST way to set up your decoders - in my opinion!

  • Runs Under JAVA -- JMRI runs under the full version Java interpreter, which is different than the JavaScript used with your browser. To run JMRI you must install Java first. To get Java for free, CLICK HERE.

  • It's Free -- That's right, you may download your own copy of JMRI by CLICKING HERE - then click on the link for your operating system.

  • Since no major manufacturer sells JMRI, most dealers ignore JMRI, because they don’t make any money on JMRI.

  • Similarly, since it does not generate ad revenue, the media doesn’t embrace it

To fully use JMRI, you need a computer interface for your system.

While JMRI is free, there are costs to keeping things going. I recommend a $10 annual contribution to the cause. CLICK HERE

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