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About the University

Bruce has had the opportunity to ride in the cab (or actually operate) some locomotives over the years. He feels that DCC has the best opportunity to replicate that experience of anything out there.

The DCC University arose out of the questions raised through almost 9 years of operating Litchfield Station. Bruce developed it from a small installation business to the second largest DCC specialty shop in the world. During that time Bruce developed a lot of intellectual property that was on the Litchfield Station page. When he sold the business, he moved much of that information here and he has added to it since.

What is DCC?

DCC stands for Digital Command Control. It is a way of having power continuiously on the track. This way, rolling stock can have lights and sound even when they are standing still.

Data is sent over the track from the base unit to a decoder located inside the locomotive or car, telling it what to do when.

Learn more about DCC here in Mr. DCC's University. Click on the DCC Topics section in the menu.

Liquidation of the PCMRC

The assets of the PebbleCreek Model Railroad Club (including a bunch of NWSL wheels that we ordered just before we were kicked out of our room) are for sale. They are listed on Mr. DCC's "Buy me a Coffee" web site. CLICK HERE to view the items. First come, first served.

NMRA logoNational Model Railroading Association

On April 1, 2016 Bruce earned NMRA recognition as Master Model Railroader #574. For more information CLICK HERE to see the article in the June 2016 issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine. He has been a NMRA member since 1999 and is now the Superintendentand the AP Manager for the Arizona Division of the Pacific Southwest Region.

Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine

It is a FREE (advertiser supported) online magazine with a wide range of topics and columns. In October, 2011, Bruce became their DCC columnist. You can read his DCC Impulses columns on line. CLICK HERE to go to their site or CLICK HERE to go to a list of Bruce’s columns on this site. Bruce retired from writing a monthly column. His last column was in the August 2018 issue of MRH Magazine.

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